Arcomet A 45 C - TeKa

The biggest bottom slewing tower crane on crawler undercarriage ever build is the Arcomet A 45 C, TeKa from Hoorn (NL) owns this unit that was used on a construction site in Amsterdam-Noord (NL). The max. load of 12 tonnes is lifted on a 11.7 meter radius with a 45 meter jib.

The undercarriage was designed and built in commission of Arcomet by Sampierana in Italy. The tracks are 8.5 meters long and are 90 centimeters wide. The crane has a travel speed of 15 m/min. Arcomet is the manufacturer of the crane.

The counterweight has a tailswing of only 4 meters. On top op the counterweight stands the 130 KVA generator, with them the crane could move autonomous over the construction site.

The undercarriage is 6.8 meters wide.

A detail of the center section with the adaptor for transport over the road. The tracks with the connecter sections are with assist of a mobile crane mounted on the construction site.

The crane can drive with load on the construction site, an inclination of 2 degrees is allowed.

Other largde bottom slewing tower cranes on crawer undercarriage are the Potain GTMR 400A (some in operation by TeKa) and the Liebherr 120 KR.1.

The tower extends twice, the crane can reach some hook heights between 15.2 and 37 meters.

An overview of the crane, fitted with 37 meters of hook height and a 45 meter jib. The tipload is 2.4 tonnes.

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