Arcomet AF 38 - Tieman

Tieman from Schagen (NL) is using this sharp Arcomet AF 38 since 2008. It is a 38-meter mobile tower crane on a 3-axle undercarriage.

The undercarriage was produced by FAUN from Lauf (DE). The undercarriage has a 6x4x6-drive line and is powered by a 322 hp-strong Mercedes-Benz engine.

A part of the counterweight is during transport over the road transported at the back of the undercarriage. In total has this crane 8.4 tonnes of counterweight with a tailswing of 3.4 meters.

The crane has an erection time of only 20 minutes. The erection of the tower and unfolding of the jib only requires approx. 10 minutes.

The outrigger base of the crane measures 7.7 x 6.4 meters, or half 7.7 x 4.5 meters, so that the crane also fits on tight locations.

The development of the crane was a cooperation between three companies; Arcomet from Paal-Beringen (DE) was responsible for the development and production of the superstructure, the undercarriage was built by FAUN from Lauf (DE) and MTC from Veghel (NL) (at that time a subsidiary of Arcomet) did the transmission, automatisation and hydraulics for the crane.

The horizontal jib has a length of 38 meters and a 23 meter hook height. The maximum load of 6,000 kg can be lifted up to 13 meters and the tipload is 1.800 kg.

With the 30 degree luffed jib are the 6,000 kg lifted up to a maximum radius of 11 meters and the tipload up to 33 meters. The maximum hook height is then about 40 meters.

The distribution of the cranes in the Netherlands and Belgium was initialy done by Waterland Trading, they were at that time responsible for the Tadano FAUN products. After FAUN stopped the production of the undercarriages MTC took over the responsibility for the service of the cranes. In 2017 MTC became indipendant again after Arcomet sold the company.

Between the second and third axle is the large diesel tank installed. At the rear is a large frame installed where a big clamp is taken.

The crane in full glory.

Packed is the crane 14.33 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and 4 meters heigh. The transport mass is 36 tonnes.

A very sharp crane in the fresh colours of Tieman! With special thanks to Tieman for presenting this crane!

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