Demag B 406 LC

An inactive Demag B 406 LV in a gravel pit in the southern part of Germany. It is a 20-tonne crane on a crawler undercarriage with year of manufacture 1967 that was also available on a wheeled undercarriage.

The crane is powered by a Deutz 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 80 hp. The crane has two 8-tonne winches.

The undercarriage is 4.2 meters long and 2.7 meters wide with the 50 cm wide tracks. Optionally the crane was also available on 90 cm tracks.

A counterweight slab with 3.7 tonnes is here already removed. The counterweight has then a tailswing of 3.3 meters.

The crane was over many years used as a dragline with bucket. For the use with a grab is a tagline used that is guided through the sheaves on the right side.

The main boom has a 8.2 meter base length and a maximum length of 15 meters. The main boom has a length here of 10.7 meters.

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