Demag CC 1400 - Hofstede

Demolition company Hofstede from Rotterdam (NL) is owning this Demag CC 1400 crawler crane.

It is a 300 tonne crane with year of manufacture 1997.

The crane is almost always used by demolition jobs in the petrochemical sector. This time on a demolition job of a building in the city centre of Rotterdam (NL).

Equipped with 90 tonnes of counterweight, max. CW is 120 tonnes. The tailswing is 7.2 meters.

The crane was used here to hoist this demolition machine.

Fitted with a 24 meter main boom and 36 meter luffing jib.

The luffing jib is maximum 60 meters long, combined with 72 meters of main boom. With superlift is even 72 + 66 possible, however owns Hofstede this option not.

The undercarriage is 8.25 meters wide and 9 meters long.

An impressive big 7 sheave hook block.

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