Fuchs F 114 M - Aqua-Geotherm-Service

An old Fuchs F 114 M of Aqua-Geotherm-Service from Korschenbroich (DE) stood on a small parking area in Leutkirch (DE). This crane was at Aqua-Geotherm-Service mainly used by the construction of wells.

It is a 14-tonne lattice boom crane on a 2-axle tire undercarriage. The maximum driving speed on the road is 20 km/h by its own power or 25 km/h when the crane is towed, this is why there is a coupling in the centre of the undercarriage.

The crane has an operation mass of 15.6 tonnes. The crane's year of manufacture is 1981.

The outrigger base is 4.4 or 3.2 meters wide.

The crane is powered by a Deutz F4L 912, a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 54 kW (72 hp).

The main boom has a length of 14 meters here.

For the transport over the road was is possible to fold the boom backwards over the crane by the hydraulic cylinder in the boom.

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