Fuchs 301 - ECO Einsiedler

This Fuchs 301 of ECO Einsiedler from Krumbach (DE) is used by a small water pump station to remove green waste out of the water.

This type of crane was built between 1957 and the late seventies more than 15,000 times. This crane has year of manufacture 1961 and constuction number 113.

The crane is powered by a Deutz F2L12 with 22 hp, the engine poweres three hoist winches and the slewing motor. The engine is also used to drive the crane over the road, the crane can reach a maximum driving speed of 25 km/h.

A detail of the small A-frame with the adjustment cable for the boom.

The undercarriage is 3.41 meters long and 2.43 meters wide. The crane has a mass of about 7.2 tonnes.

This crane is fitted with the maximum boom length of 12 meters.

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