Fuchs 301

Maybe the most well-known model of Fuchs was the Fuchs 301, whereof over 15,000 units were built in more than 20 years. The crane was built between 1957 until the late seventies by Fuchs in Bad Schönborn (DE).

Assembled weights the crane about 7.2 tonnes. As lifting crane, he could lift with a 10 meter boom 3.8 tonnes and with additional counterweight 4.2 tonnes. The max. boom length is 12 meter. The crane was also able to work with a clammshell, bucket or a magnet. Also could be provided with a digging boom, the movement of the booms were done with winches - completly mechanical.

In the rear of the crane is laying a Deuts F2L712 engine with 22 hp. With them are three winches powered (boom adjusting and two hoist winches). Also the driving with the undercarriage was powered by the engine, with a max. speed of 25 km/h. It was also possible to tow the crane as a trailer with a truck.

The undercarriage is only 3.41 meters long and 2.43 meters wide.

The cabin is in this case even wide as the rest of the crane, that means that this crane was built after 1966.

The Fuchs 301 was also available with a extra high cabin (3.5 meters height) and a raised turning point of the cabin, making the crane very usefull to (un)load trains or ships.

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