Fuchs 118 M - Joanni

The Joanni Brunnenbau company from Zusmarshausen (DE) is using this Fuchs 118 M for drilling for geothermal sources and maintenance on them.

It is an 18 tonne crane with a basis boom length of 7 meters and a maximum boom length of 25 meters.

A detail of the A-frame, which is folded down during transport over the road.

The crane is mounted on a 2 axle crane carrier and has a 19.1 tonne mass. The jacks are hydraulic. The F 118 was also possible on a crawler undercarriage.

The heavy coupling on the undercarriage is for the use with a casing oscillator.

For the transport over the road can the boom be folded backwards, the part after the boom foot is folded and lay down, upside down, over the superstructure.

Powered is the crane by a 74 hp strong Deutz engine.

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