Hitachi KH100 - Schilder

Schilder Bagger-, Hei- en Grondwerken is using this Hitachi KH100 with year of manufacture 1979 as a yard crane on their yard in Obdam (NL). It is a 30 tonne crawler crane.

The crane is powered by an HINO H06C-T, a water cooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with 150 hp. The engine drives four hydraulic pumps, with them are the crane functions operated.

It is also possible to use this crane as a piling rig, hence the hydraulic sliding table on the base machine. It was also possible to order the KH100 with piling equipment by Hitachi directly, a 22 meter leader and a 5.5 tonne hammer were possible with this piling rig.

The undercarriage is rigid and not in breadth adjustable. The breadth of the undercarriage is 3.3 meters, the crane weights around 34 tonnes.

The counterweight weights 8.8 tonnes and has a 3.5 meter tailswing.

The KH100 is the biggest Hitachi crawler crane in the KH series with a lattice boom whose main girders are steel angle profiles. The max. boom length is 34 meters existing out of a boom foot and boom head with each 5 meters and intermediate sections of 3 and 6 meters. This crane is fitted with a 19 meter boom, with this length the crane lifts maximum 15.45 tonnes on a 4.6 meter radius and 2.45 tonnes on a 17.4 meter radius.

The crane is equiped with two 10 tonne winches with each a 22 mm diameter hoist cable.

The tracks have a 4.49 meter length and a 0.76 meter breadth. A maximum driving velocity of 1.8 km/h can be reached.

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