Liebherr LR 1750/2 - Fanger

The Liebherr LR 1750/2 of Fanger from Sachseln (CH) was used on a large job site in Reichenau (CH) to lift sections for a new rail-way bridge over the Rhine-river.

The crane was fitted with 170 tonnes of counterweights on the superstructure and 45 tonnes of central counterweight.

In total was 337.5 tonnes of counterweight prepared for the superlift.

The crane was erected with a 70 meter main boom in HSLD3B configuration. The derrick boom is 38.5 meters long.

Slowly was the 294 tonne bridge lifted from the supports.

The bridge section will be positioned on top of the other section of the new bridge. Because it was impossible to install this bridge secion directly by crane, is the bridge section skidded forwards and will be installed by gantries.

To balance the bridge section was a 12.5 tonne counterweight slab stored on the load. The derrick counterweight was here still on minimum counter radius of 13 meters.

The crane is driving forward now to position the bridge section as far as possible on top of the other bridge.

In the meantime was the counter radius for the derrick counterweight also increased to 20 meters.

337.5 tonnes of derrick counterweights are hanging free above the ground.

On a radius of 29.5 meters is the bridge section positioned on top of the other bridge. From this position will the bridge section be shifted forwards using a skidding system.

Later in 2018 was the new Hinterrheinbrücke put into operation. Again a very sharp job done by Fanger!

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