Liebherr LTR 1100 - Maxikraft

This sharp Liebherr LTR 1100 of Maxikraft from Herzberg (DE) was used as an assist crane for the Terex Superlift 3800. It is a 100-tonne crawler crane with telescopic boom.

The undercarriage is 6.413 meters long and 5.05 meters wide. For the transport over the road is the width to be reduced to 3.5 meters. It is also possible to remove the tracks from the body to reduce the transport mass and dimensions. The superstructure is powered by a 4-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with a power of 129 kW (175 hp).

Here was the crane fitted with the full counterweight of 32 tonnes, that has a 4.42 meter tailswing. The counterweight exists out of two wide slabs with each 10 tonnes and four blocks with each 3 tonnes. The crane is fitted with a second winch, but wasn't in use here. Attached to the undercarriage is in total 15 tonnes of central counterweight, that exists out of two blocks with each 7.5 tonnes.

The main boom has an 11.5 meter base length and extends five times to a maximum length of 52 meters. The main boom is extended here 22.7 meters.

Next to the boom is hanging a small erection jib with a 2.9 meter length. This jib is often used in combination with the second winch to tilt e.g. long loads. Over this erection jib, still 34.5 tonnes can be lifted.

Again a very sharp crane by Maxikraft!

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