Liebherr LTR 1100 - Sabesa

The company Sabesa from Riazzino (CH) is specialized in crane rental and heavy transport. The only crawler crane in their fleet is this Liebherr LTR 1100 that was used on a construction site near Zürich (CH) by the assembly of concrete precast elements.

The tracks are 6.4 meters long, 0.9 meters wide and 1.2 meters height. During the transport over the road the tracks can be retrackted, the crane is then 3.5 meters wide. It is also possible to remove them, a single tracks weights 9.9 tonnes.

With extended tracks is the undercarriage 5.05 meters wide. The crane has a total weight of around 109 tonnes with full counterweight. The travel speeds are 1 km/h in normal gear and 2.8 km/h in rapid gear. The crane can drive up slopes with a gradability of 46%.

Between the tracks is in total 15 tonnes of central ballast mounted. The crane can lift these two slabs, with each 7.5 tonnes, from a truck and instal it to the undercarriage.

The crane is powered by a Liebherr D934S A6, a 4 cylinder dieselengine with 175 hp. The diesel engine powers three hydraulic pumps to operate all crane functions.

The boom has a 11.5 meter base length and extends in total five times to a maximum length of 52 meters.

This crane has the optional second winch installed and in use.

The counterweight weights in total 32 tonnes and exists out of two wider slabs with each 10 tonnes and four smaller slabs with each 3 tonnes. The counterweight has a 4.42 meter tailswing and is adjustable in height using the two hydraulic cylinders so that the crane can assemble the counterweight itself and attach it to the superstructure.

This crane has a smaller jib mounted and works with two hooks, so can the crane tilt for example large columns.

The crane is here parked for the weekend and has the boom 22.7 meters extended.

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