Liebherr LTF 1045-4.1 - Krandienst Schulz

This Liebherr LTF 1045-4.1 of Krandienst Schulz from Hamburg (DE) stood ready for delivery on the manufacturer's yard during the Customer days 2015.

The letter "F" in the name LTF means "Fremdfahrgestell" ; what means that the Liebherr crane is made on a chassis made by a different company. In this case is a 4 axle MAN TGS 41.440 8x4/4 chassis used. The customer decides what chassis will be used.

The MAN chassis is powered by a MAN D2066, 10.5 liter 6 cylinder diesel engine with 440 hp. The two rear axles are driven, the two front axles are steerable.

The crane has a 4-part telescopic boom with a 10.5 meter base length and a maximum length of 35 meters. Next to the boom is the 9.5 meter folding jib attached.

The crane has an X-shapped outrigger base that makes a 6.42 x 6.2 meter square.

During the transport over the road 8 tonnes of counterweight are lay down on the undercarriage.

Only 1 tonnes of counterweight remains attached to the superstructure, the full counterweight weights 9 tonnes and has a 3 meter tail swing. The hoist winch has a 3.4 tonne line pull.

The crane is packed 11.4 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and 3.85 meters heigh. The transport mass is 38 tonnes with 9 tonnes of counterweigh and the 9.5 meter long folding jib.

The installation of the crane on a truck chassis doesn't only has financial reasons, the crane is also better suitable to drive longer distances.

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