Manitowoc 18000 - Adrichem

Cranetrader Adrichem from Vierpolders (NL) owns some of these Manitowoc 18000 crawler cranes. This crane was standing a while on the yard of Manitowoc in Breda (NL).

It is a 660 ton crawler crane and with MAX-ER a 825 ton crane.

The tracks are 38'9" long, 5'0" wide and 6'10" height. Mass each is 88,225 lbs.

The upper weights are lay down in these trays of each 12,050 lbs. There in are per side lay down 14 slobs of each 18,000 lbs.

The cab.

The MAX-ER exists out of this oversized car where max. 320 tonnes of counterweight is lay on. The frame with counterweight is set on the car and could not be used without car.

The superstructure can unload itself from the truck using four big jacks where after the lowerworks with slewing ring is driven below and mounted.

The main boom has a max. length of 91 metres, the mast should be used always. Some pendants are mounted between the gantry and the superstructure that makes it inpossible to move the mast.

The A-frames for the luffing jib.

Later the crane did one job in North-Germany with a long boom to do maintainance on a windmill. A heavy job in the Netherland couldn't continue because there wasn't a big hook available (!!!). In Spain and Italy are some 18000s working.

An imposing crane.

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