Manitowoc 2250 - Heerema

In 2012 this special Manitowoc 2250 was delivered to Heerema. The crane will be used as assist crane on one of the big crane barges of Heerema.

Notable is the gigantic gantry. It is a 300 ton crane, the max. load is hoisted on an 18 ft. radius.

A detail of the gantry. The height is 34'3" and can be folded downwards up to a horizontal position for transport over the road.

On the boom top is an extended jib mounted. In total are three hoist lines reefed, two over the jib and one over the main boom. I don't know the exact reason why this number of hooks is required.

The 220 ft. main boom is put up here. Also the cab is special, it is made on an extension for a better overview and also the cab is much bigger than the standard one.

Fitted with 249,200 lbs of counterweight with a 23'10" tailswing.

After the boom is fully raised some tests are done with the crane.

The max. main boom length is 300 ft.

The tracks are 30'9" long, 4' wide and 4'2" height. Mass is 53,820 lbs each. The tracks can be mounted by the crane itself using a hook reefed trough the boom foot.

The extra, third winch is mounted in front of the upperworks.

The two standard hoist winches in the upper part of the crane. The line pull of them is each 30,000 lb.

The 2250 can also put up with a MAX-ER attachment, a backmast with ballastcar. The capacity is then 500 ton with a heavier boom.

The crane is also usable for the M1200 ringer crane, a 1,433 ton crane.

Between the tracks are lower weights mounted, in total 120,000 lbs. Special on this crane is also the electrical motor.

A view in the big cab.

A very special crane that was for a short time in the Netherlands, and now the world seas overfloats.

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