Manitowoc 2250 - Mammoet

This Manitowoc 2250 of Mammoet was put up on a small yard in Flushing (NL).

It is a 300 ton capacity crane. In Europe are not many of them working, in USA a lot more. The cranes are build in Wisconsin (USA).

The tracks are 30'9" long, 4' wide and 3'9" high. They weight 53,820 lbs.

The counterweight weights 169,115 lbs and has a tailswing of 23'10".

For transport over the road, the crane can be spilted in many parts. On the upperworks module are four big jacks made, the crane can unload itself from the truck with them. The second truck with carbody drives under the upperworks, the parts are attached an the assembly continues with the tracks.

The crane is 26' wide. Lower weights were not required during this job.

Notable on the crane is the big gantry, the height measured from ground level is 37'3".

Fitted with a 130' main boom.

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