Manitowoc 8500-1 - Pollisum

This sharp Manitowoc 8500-1 of Pollisum from Singapore (SG) was used on a construction site there as assist crane during piling works. It is an 80-tonne crawler crane that was produced by Kobelco, but sold as Manitowoc.

The crane is powered by a Hino J08E-UV, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 213 kW (285 hp).

The 5-part counterweight has a total weight of 26.12 tonnes and has a 4.5 meter tailswing. The A-frame has in working position a total height of approx. 6.17 meters, but will be folded down for the transport over the road.

Here was the crane fitted with a 27.4 meter main boom, the maximum length of the main boom is 61 meters.

Attached to the main boom head is a runner, but that one is here not in operation.

The undercarriage of the crane is 6.28 meters long and 5.24 meters wide. Attached to the undercarriage is in total 6.5 tonnes of central counterweight, per side 3.25 tonnes.

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