Manitowoc 222 - Sindorf

This Manitowoc 222 is for sale by Sindorf from 't Harde (NL).

It is an 100 ton crane. His year of manufacture is 2000.

The tracks are 22'5" long, 3' wide and 3'7" height. During transport over the road are the tracks retrackted, then the undercarriage is still 12' wide. On the tracks are four small counterweight slobs attached of 3,500 lbs each.

The counterweight weights 63,300 lbs and exists out of three slobs of resp. 28,500, 24,800 and 10,000 lbs.

In the Netherlands are two of these cranes working, by Zwagerman VMT.

The crane was here put up with a 130' boom.

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