Manitowoc 999 - Sindorf

This interesting Manitowoc 999 series III from 2000 is for sale by Sindorf from 't Harde (NL).

It is a 275 ton crawler crane that can be rebuilded to a 660 ton ringer crane. The crane has a 390 hp Caterpillar Model 3176.

The tracks are 28'3" long, 4'10" wide and 4'3" high. Mass each is 43,260 lbs and have to be removed for transport over the road.

The lower carbody exists out of two pieces and weights 40,000 lbs per side and 80,000 lbs in total.

The upper side counterweight exists out of a 21,050 lbs base plate, 10 17,500 lbs slobs and a centre slob of 23,500 lbs. Total is 219,600 lbs.

The tailswing is 19'4".

The boom is here 200' long, the longest length is 290'.

The crane has a fixes A-frame and a gantry for main boom adjusting.

Here the crane is fitted with a heavy lift top, there is also a long reach boom top, a long reach with open top boom head and a light tapered top. Each with its own advantages and lifting charts. With the long reach top is even 340' of boom possible.

The crane is fitted with two 13.4 tonne winches.

A nice 275 ton crane that is never been sold in the Netherlands.

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