Manitowoc M85-W - Sindorf

This Manitowoc M85-W is offered by Sindorf from 't Harde (NL), it is a used crane from Weldex with year of manufacture 1994.

It is a 90 tonne crane. The undercarriage is 6.8 meters long and 5.1 meters wide. The tracks are 0.91 meters wide and 1.08 meters high. For the transport over the road the tracks could be retrackted (transport width 3.5 meters) or removed, weight each is 10.3 tonnes.

The crane is powered by a Cummins 6 CT 8.3 diesel engine with 210 hp.

This crane has 3.08 tonnes of central ballast.

The counterweight has a total weight of 21.09 tonnes and has a 5.14 meter tailswing. Optionally this crane could be used with the X-SPANDER system, with that the counterweight was pushed backwards using hydraulics and tied off to the A-frame to increase the capacities at londer radii. This crane was not fitted with that system.

Fitted with a 36.6 meter main boom, the max. boom length is 64 meters.

With 9.1 meters of fixed jib mounted in a 30 degree angle against the main boom. The fixed jib has a maximum length of 18.3 meters, combined with a 51.8 meter main boom.

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