Spierings SK477-AT4 - Commandeur & Plomp

Commandeur & Plomp from De Rijp (NL) owned very long this Spierings SK477-AT4. In the summer of 2018 the crane was sold.

It is a 38 meter mobile tower crane with year of manufacture 1996. The SK477-AT4 was produced from 1994 till 1999 and was the second Spierings model that was built after the company was founded.

The outrigger base is 6.55 x 6.15 meters, or half 6.55 x 5.1 meters.

The crane is powered by a 11.6 liter DAF WS 268 L diesel engine with 365 hp. The engine powers three axles. The first two and the last axle are steerable.

Between the 2nd and 3th axle is the hydraulic oil tank made. Between the 3th and 4th axle is a large storage box made, below the box are the outrigger pads stored.

At the rear is a larger storage box made. During the transport over the road is the crane 15.4 meters long, 2.75 meters wide and 4 meters high. The transport weight is 48 tonnes.

The SK477-AT4 has in total 9 tonnes of counterweight with a 3.35 meter tailswing. During the transport over the road is only the left block swinged forwards for a better load spreading over the axles.

The upper cabin can only be reached trough ladder.

The maximum load of 7 tonnes can be lifted up to a 11.46 meter radius, the end load on a 38 meter radius is 1,700 kg. The lifting height is 24 meters.

The crane stood here on a construction site in Hoorn (NL) where a new steel construction for a hall was erected. At the right stands the Liebherr LTM 1100/2, also of Commandeur & Plomp.

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