Spierings SK488-AT4 - Koeman Berkhout

The Spierings SK488-AT4 of Koeman Berkhout from Berkhout (NL) on a construction site in Medemblik (NL).

Here is a small construction site for houses foreseen with construction materials. The jib has a 40 meter length.

The outrigger base measures 6.90 x 6,84 Meters, or half 6,90 x 5,15 meters.

The SK488-AT4 was produced from 2000 till 2007, it is the successor of the SK477-AT4 and was succeeded by the SK498-AT4. This crane is Koeman has year of manufacture 2006.

The SK488 has 8.7 tonnes of counterweight and a tailswing of 3.55 meters.

The crane cabin can be set on half or full tower height. The crane operator has a proper view from here over the construction site. Optionally the crane can be operated by remote control. For the vertical transport of the crane operator a small hoist can be used.

The maximum load of 8 tonnes can be lifted to a 12.76 meter radius, on the jib tip on a 40 meter radius 2.1 tonnes can still be lifted.

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