Spierings SK2400-R - Mick Volendam

This impressive Spierings SK2400-R belongs to Mick from Volendam (NL) and was deployed on a job site in Amsterdam (NL). It is a used crane from Hendriks Bouw from Oss (NL).

It is a foldable tower crane mounted on a crawler chassis to make the crane able to move over the construction site. During crane operation should the crane be erected on outriggers, the outrigger base measures 8.14 x 7.66 meters.

The tracks are 4.8 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter tall. The crane itself is powered by a John Deere diesel engine with a power of 187 kW (251 hp).

Here stood the crane erected with approx. 25 meters of hook height, the maximum hook height is approx. 35 meters.

The jib has a length of 42 meters. The maximum load of 18 tonnes can be hoisted to a 14.6 meter radius, at the maximum radius of 42 meters is the crane able to lift 5.5 tonnes.

The cabin is hanging here at approx. 15 meter height and gives the crane operator a good overview over the job site. Optionally is it also possible to operate the crane by remote control.

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