Sumitomo LS-238RH-5 - Asiagroup

This sharp Sumitomo LS-238RH-5 of Asiagroup from Singapore (SG) was used there on a large construction site. It is a 100-tonne crawler crane.

Here was the crane erected with a 50 meter long main boom with a 44.2 meter long luffing jib. That is the maximum length to be used on this crane.

The undercarriage is 7.79 meters long and 6.065 meters wide. A single track is 7.79 meters long, 0.965 meters wide and 1.255 meters tall.

The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D22CT, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with 250 hp.

The 7-part counterweight weights in total 34.2 tonnes and has a 5.5 meter tailswing. The crane is fitted with two 10-tonne hoist winches.

With this type of boom is it possible to mount the luffing jib (upside down) below the main boom. This safes space for the erection on the construction site. The luffing jib must be shorter than the main boom in that case.

The luffing jib is minimum 22.85 meters long and maximum 44.2 meters long.

In this configuration is the crane able to hoist 8 tonnes to a 24 meter radius or 3.3 tonnes to a 45.9 meter radius. A very sharp crane of Asiagroup!

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