Terex CC 6800 - Sarens

Sarens from Wolvertem (BE) was using this imposing Terex CC 6800 along the highway 8 near Kirchheim unter Teck (DE) to install two tunnel boring machines. The crane was erected on a specially made concrete foundation.

It is a 1,250 tonne crane that is in use here with a 3-axle counterweight wagon.

The undercarriage exists out of a central part with four rotatable beams mounted in an X-shape. To these beams are the tracks or outriggers installed. As a crawler crane is the undercarriage 13.7 meters long and 11.6 meters wide. As a pedestal crane has the crane an outrigger base of 14 x 14 meters.

The counter radius of the counterweight wagon is maximum 30 meters.

The crane is powered by two Mercedes-Benz OM 460 LA, 6-cylinder diesel engines with each a power of 315 kW (428 hp). Between the tracks is it possible to erect in total 80 tonnes of counterweight, for this configuration no central counterweight was required.

The superstructure counterweight weights in total 170 tonnes and exists out of sixteen slabs with each 10 tonnes installed on 5-tonne base supports. The superstructure has a 10 meter tailswing.

The tracks are 13.7 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.6 meters high. The transport mass is around 70 tonnes each.

Here was the crane erected in SSL/LSL configuration with a 90 meter long tapered main boom with a 10.5 meter superlift. In this configuration can the crane lift maximum 559 tonnes to a 18 meter radius and 111 tonnes on a 80 meter radius.

In this configuration has the crane a maximum main boom length of 156 meters.

The 3-axle counterweight wagon weights including counterweigt in total 463 tonnes, existing out of 195 tonnes from 7.5 and 10 tonne Terex slabs and 210 tonnes from 28 steel plates with each 7.5 tonnes made by Sarens. The empty wagon weights 58 tonnes. The outriggers on the wagon are not only used for parking, but also to unload the wheel boogies to rotate them.

In use was a 500-tonne hook with two times five sheaves. The hook has an 11 tonnes mass.

A very sharp and impressive crane!

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