Terex Superlift 3800 - Sarens

Sarens was using this sharp Terex Superlift 3800 in Ede (NL) to erect two Siemens 3.2DD wind turbines.

It is a 650 tonne crawler crane, here fitted with a main boom only.

On both sides of the undercarriage are 25 tonnes of central counterweight fitted.

The crane is here fitted with 205 tonnes of counterweight, that it the maximum. The counterweight has an 8.45 meter tailswing.

For extra stability during erection of the long main boom are two additional supports mounted to one of the crawlers.

The undercarriage is 11.34 meters long and 9.9 meters wide.

A track is 11.34 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 1.74 meters height. The mass each is 37.3 tonnes.

The crane has two large slewmotors, in front of them is a small winch made. This thin cable is used to pull the heavy hoist rope over the main boom and reef it trough the hook block.

The crane was fitted in LHLF_3 configuration. The main boom is 102 meters long. The maximum main boom length in this configuration is 111 meters.

Mounted directly on the main boom is a 12 meter long fixed jib under 20 degrees. In this configuration the crane can lift 108 tonnes on a 18 meter radius.

The first two tower sections with resp. 80.3 and 76.9 tonnes were already installed. Here is the lifting of the third part prepared. The assist crane is a Liebherr LTM 1100-5.1, also from Sarens.

This part is 29.33 meters long and weights 66.5 tonnes.

Easy and quick is the third part set on the rest of the tower. The crane is working on a 22 meter radius here, the crane can lift 92.5 tonnes at this radius.

The last tower section was delivered by this Volvo FH 540 of Van der Vlist.

This section is 29.5 meters long and weights 46.6 tonnes.

Lateron the nacelle and rotor were installed to. This wind turbine will have a 101 meter axle height and a 99.5 meter rotor diameter.

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