Terex CC 400 - Zwagerman VMT

Zwagerman VMT from Nederhorst den Berg (NL) is owning this special Terex CC 400 crawler crane. It is a 100 tonne crane. A very rare crane in the Netherlands, this is the only one. I could take some photos of the crane on a construction site in Langedijk (NL).

The crane is 5.675 meters wide with the tracks retrackted. For the transport over the road the tracks can be retracked to a width of 3.655 meters.

The Cummins QSB5.9 with 244 hp is driving two pumps, with them are the crane functions operated.

The counterweight has a 5 meter tailswing.

The crane is operated with 24 tonnes of counterweight. That exists out of a 14.5 tonne base plate, a 5.5 tonne slab and two smaller slabs with each 2 tonnes.

The tracks are 6.37 meters long. The central counterweight is not attached to the undercarriage but on the crawlertracks. In total are 10.4 tonnes of central counterweight mounted, 5.2 tonnes on each track.

The main boom has a 61 meter length. Also possible is a 49 meter main boom combined with a 22 meter fixed jib.

In the superstructure are three winches mounted, two hoist winches and an adjustment winch for the main boom. The hoist cable on both drums have a 10 tonne line pull.

The crane was here fitted with a 37 meter main boom. With that boom the crane can lift 30.5 tonne on a 9 meter radius and 4.9 tonne on a 32 meter radius.

A nice and special crane of Terex. The crane is operated in manufacture colors.

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