ABI MOBILRAM TM 13/16 SL - Hämmerle

Hämmerle from Oggelshausen (DE) is using this ABI MOBILRAM TM 13/16 SL to install sheet metal sheets, the foundation rig stood here after a job in Biberach an der Riss (DE) ready for transport to the next construction site.

The base machine for this foundation rig is a Sennebogen SR 35T, the leader structure is made by ABI. The undercarriage is 4.72 meters long and 3 meters wide. The transport mass of this rig is 50.2 tonnes.

The leader is telescopic, the base length is around 11.2 meters and extended 17.6 meters. It is possible to hang vibrators, rotary heads and hammers in the leader.

The Sennebogen base machine is powered by a CAT C18 diesel engine with a power of 470 kW (640 hp). The engine powers four hydraulic pumps.

The counterweight weights 10.5 tonnes and has a 3.8 meter tailswing.

The undercarriage is fix, the breadth isn't adjustable.

The auxiliary winch has a line pull of 5 tonnes.

The leader can be tiltet 4 degrees to the left, right and forwards, 5 degrees backwards are also possible. It is possible to rotate the leader compared with the base machine 100 degrees.

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