Banut 600 - Kibag

This Banut 600 of Kibag from Bäch (CH) stood on a construction site in Galgenen (CH).

It is a Banut piling rig mounted on the base machine of a Akerman H14B excavator. The piling rig has an operational weight of 52 tonnes.

The base machine is powered by a Volvo TD71ACE, a 10.5 liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 154 kW (209 hp). The leader is 0.9 meters adjustable in horizontal direction over the sliding table.

The undercarriage of the piling rig is 5.95 meters long and 3.33 meters wide. The super structure is 2.95 meters wide.

At the rear of the machine are two 10-tonne winches mounted.

For the transport over the road is the leader retracktable. The leader has a maximum length of 20.9 meters. Usually is this rig used with a maximum 8-tonne heavy impact hammer.

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