Banut 650 - Kibag

Kibag Wasser- und Spezialtiefbau from Bäch (CH) is operating this interesting Banut 650 piling rig, here used to drive piles for a new building in Schaan (LI).

The Banut 650 is installed on a Sennebogen SR 40 T base machine. The rig is powered by a 300 kW CAT diesel engine.

The undercarriage is 4.7 meters wide and can be retrackted for the transport over the road to a 3.3 meter breadth.

Good recognizable are the Sennebogen counterweight slabs with a mass of each 1.8 tonnes. The total counterweight of 7.2 tonnes has a 4.29 meter tailswing. Optionally is the counterweight extendable up to a 5.69 meter radius. Outriggers take care for proper stability backwards.

The piles exists out of two parts which ware welded together. The sliding table is 1.2 meters movable, the minimum piling radius is 4.1 meters.

In the leader is hanging a SuperRAM 6000 hydraulic hammer where the drop weight is pushed up by two hydraulic cylinders on each side, then the hydraulic cylinders retrack very quickly and the weight drops onto the pile.

The leader has a 24 meter length and maximum capacity of 10 tonnes (hammer and pile). The leader can be adjusted 18 degrees forwards, 45 degrees backwards and 18 degrees sideways.

For the transport over the road is the top section of the leader swinged 180 degrees towards the lower part of the leader to reduce the transport length up to 18.5 meters. A very sharp rig in the colours or Kibag!

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