Bauer was founded in 1790 by Sebastion Bauer as a brazier in Schrobenhausen (DE). In 1952 was started with the foundation equipment, an upward swing for the company. The first machine built in 1969 is a rig to drill anchors. The first drilling rig was built in 1976. At the moment Bauer produces drilling rigs with a weight up to 250 tonnes, heavy duty cranes with a 200 tonne capacity and many add-on parts like rotary heads, leaders, grabs and slurry wall grinders. Bauer is not only a producing company, it is also using their own machines for foundation works.

Bauer BG 9

Bauer (DE)

Bauer BG 18 H

Bauer BG 20 H

Bauer BG 24 H

Bauer BG 28

Bauer (DE)

Bauer BG 28 H

Bauer BG 34 H

Bauer BG 36

Bauer BG 39

Keller (SG)

Max Bögl (DE)

Bauer BG 40

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