Etec 1034 - Van Vliet

Van Vliet from Waddinxveen (NL) is owning this unique Etec 1034 crane that is also usable as piling rig. The crane is lettered with the name of a customer; Haasnoot Bruggen from Rijnsburg (NL).

It is a 30 tonne crane that is often used from pontoon to drive piles for smaller bridges and lateron the build the bridge as well.

The crane is here standing on a pontoon in Amsterdam (NL). The boom is overtaken from a P&H 330 before owned by Van Vliet.

Also the A-frame is ovetaken from the P&H.

With this rig it is possible to drive (wooden) piles up to 21 meters.

The undercarriage of the crane is made rigid and overtaken from an excavator. The rig has two hoist winches.

For the drop hammer is the rig also equipped with a regulator.

A very special and interesting rig, unfortunatelly there isn't much information available of the rig itself.

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