Hillcon HSCX900 GLS - Vroom

The biggest piling rig made by Hillcon is this HSCX900 GLS, the first unit was supplied to Vroom from Oosthuizen (NL). It is a rig based on a Hitachi Sumitomo SCX900 and by Hillcon from Beilen (NL) modificated to piling rig. The rig was also shown on the Bauma in 2010.

The rig is 5 meters wide and weights complete about 132 tonnes without powerpack and hammer.

The rig is powered by an Isuzu 6HK1X diesel engine with 288 hp.

The tracks are 6.3 meters long. Here we see the sillencer hanging below the hammer in the leader.

At the rear is hanging 30 tonnes of counterweight on the superstructure. The powerpack is required to drive the IHC S-90 hydraulic hammer.

In total are six winches built on de rig, whereof three were added by Hillcon.

A detail of the IHC S-90 hydraulic hammer. The hammer has a length of about 8 meters and weights 9.7 tonnes.

The rig was here put up with a 41.4 meter long leader. The max. length of the leader is 50.7 meters. Here were vibro piles driven for a residential tower.

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