Hitachi CX700 GLS - Kurt Fredrich Spezialtiefbau

One of the biggest foundation rigs of Kurt Fredrich Spezialtiefbau from Loxstedt (DE) near Bremerhaven (DE) is this sharp Hitachi CX700 GLS, that I could photograph on a site in Bremerhaven.

The rotation point of the original crane boom is now used for the sliding table. With this construction is the leader horizontal adjustable. On the table are two winches made as well.

The foundation rig is used here to make casted piles in place. At first is a steel casing is driven into the ground untill a certain depth is reached. Then the casing will be filled with rebar and concrete. Then the casing is removed out of the ground and can be re-used for the next pile.

The original counterweight was replaced by some other slabs to make space for the big A-frame. During transport over the road is the A-frame folded down backwards.

Behind on abig table is a big Junttan power pack mounted to provide enough oil flow for the hydraulic hammer.

The foundation rig is provided with a tube leader, making this rig also good usable for a use as drilling rig. A tube leader is better resistant for the forces and moments from drilling.

A detail of the leader head and the Junttan 7 tonne hydraulic hammer.

A very nice foundation rig!

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