Hitachi KH300-3 GLS - Vroom

The first Hitachi KH300-3 GLS of Vroom during the assembly on a construction site in Alkmaar (NL).

A detail of the undercarraige, counterweight and powerpack are already mounted.

IHC S-90 hydraulic hammer.

The first leader part and the adjustment cylinders are always mounted to the base machine during transport over the road.

The 2nd leader part is with help of the Werklust shovel attached to the rest.

The 3th leader part with the trolley.

On the construction site was Van Marwijk also present to erect tower crane. Former was here working the Hitachi Sumitomo SCX800 PD of Kuipers. Van 't Hek is also driling piles with a Woltman THW 7528-D. Vroom was here working for Van 't Hek to drive some vibro piles.

To boom up the leader later on is a cable used that is attached on about 2/3th of the leader.

The leader head is hang-on with the Sany assist crane of Van 't Hek.

The leader is complete.

The trolley is also reefed.

Boom up the leader.

The next day the hammer would be hang into the leader and start working.

Part 2

A Hitachi KH300-3 GLS vibro rig of Vroom driving piles for the new Rabobank office in Alkmaar, for Van 't Hek.

It is the first Hitachi KH300-3 GLS piling rig of Vroom, the other one was overtaken from Nederveen.

For an assembly report, look here.

The A-frame is during transport over the road folded downwards, the vertical part can rotate halfway.

The IHC S-90 with pulling trolley to drive out the pile.

Because there was driven shored this Hitachi CX500 was used as assist crane to fill the piles with rebar and concrete.

The vibro piles are driven 4:1 backwards.

The biggest piling rig of Vroom is the Hitachi CX1100 GLS.

The max. leader length is 50.5 metres wherewith piles up to 42 metres can be made.

After the last pile is made the tube is taken down.

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