IHC Fundex F2800 - De Waal

This interesting IHC Fundex F2800 of De Waal was working on a construction site in Brussels (BE).

It is a drilling rig with a pull down capacity of 40 tonnes and 80 tonnes pull up capacity. The front outriggers are giving counter pressure during drilling.

The FDE 45HS drilling motor has a max. torque of 47 ton/meter.

The rig is made by IHC Fundex from Goes (NL) and was livered in 2008 to De Waal from Lokeren (BE).

The leader is adjusted with a big stinger. On the leader are some winches made.

The rig is 4.9 meters wide and max. 9.3 meters long with extended sliding table. As engine is a V8 Deutz with 600 hp used.

With the 31 meter leader it is possible to drill piles up to 26 meters.

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