IHC Fundex F5600 - Shea Brothers

This very imposing IHC Fundex F5600 of Shea Brothers from Birmingham, Alabama (US) was shown on the BAUMA 2016 in Munich (DE) on the booth of IHC Fundex. It is the biggest foundation rig developed and built by IHC. This rig has a weight of about 280 tonnes.

The tracks have a 1.2 meter width and an 8.5 meter length and should be removed from the base machine for the transport over the road.

Two big outriggers next to the leader are giving counter pressure by drilling. The rig has a 500 kN pull-down capacity and a 2,000 pull-up capacity (!). The diameter of the washers is 1.5 meter.

With this rig is it possible to drill piles with a 1.5 meter diameter and a 53 meter length. The leader has a 500 kNm torque capacity over the full length. The rig could also equipped with an hydraulic hammer with a mass of 25 tonnes, piles with a 50 meter length and a 40 tonne mass can be driven with it.

The rotary head is also an IHC product and has a torque of 500 kNm. Along the leader is a personal elevator with a 1,000 kg capacity.

In total is the rig fitted with 60 tonnes of counterweight, the powerpack is part of it (weights 10 tonnes). The tailswing is 10 meters.

The A-frame keeps on the base machine during transport, having a mass of 80 tonnes then. The leader has a max. length of 56 meters.

With some people around the machine are the huge dimensions visible. The rig is powered by a 345 kW engine. The additional powerpack is required for the rotary head and has another 565 kW power for a working pressure of 320 bars and an oilflow of 800 liters per minute.

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