Llamada P-145 Evolution - Pilotes y Obras

Pilotes y Obras, a company spezialized in making auger piles from Getafe (ES) owns this Llamada P-145 Evolution drilling rig. Llamada is a spanish manufacturer of drilling rigs and has her company near Barcelona (ES).

This is the biggest drilling rig of Pilotes y Obras, suitable to make piles with a maximum length of 26.5 meters and a diameter with max. 1.5 meters.

The rig has a Deutz TCD 2015 V8 engine with 544 hp. The engine is mounted at the rear and is partly counterweight. The extra counterweight slab at the rear weights 3.5 tonnes and is removable to reduce the transport mass.

The undercarriage is 4.95 meters long and 4.32 meters wide. The track shoes have a width of 0.8 meters.

The rotary head hanging in the leader is driving an auger. A hole is drilled up to the needed depth, then rebarr is lifted in the hole and filled with concrete. The star next to the leader is used to clean the auger.

The rotary head is (also) a Llamada P-145 Evolution with 4 Poclain drive engines with a max. torque of 339 KNm. The machine has a pull-down capacity of 20 tonnes.

The auxiliary winch has a 7 tonne capacity. The leader has a maximum length of 30.5 meters and is during transport over the road folded sideways.

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