Nippon Sharyo D408-90M - CSC

This impressive Nippon Sharyo D408-90M of CSC from Singapore (SG) stood there on a construction site to drive foundation piles for a new warehouse. It is a piling rig based on the carrier of a 45-tonne crawler crane.

The undercarriage is 5.005 meters long and 4 meters wide. The tracks are each 0.8 meters wide.

The rig is powered by a HINO EB100 diesel engine with 106 hp. To power the large hydraulic hammer in the leader is a large power pack installed at the back of the rig.

The counterweight weights 8.5 tonnes and has a tailswing of approx. 4.36 meters.

The leader is approx. 24 meters long.

The rig could also be used as a lifting crane, the maximum boom length is in that case 43 meters. Optionally is the crane also to be configured with a 37 meter main boom and a 12 meter fixed jib. An interesting machine of CSC!

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