RTG RG 16 T - Greuter

A sharp RTG RG 16 T of Greuter from Hochfelden (CH) was together with a RTG RG 21 T working on a large job site not far away from Zürich (CH).

The RG 16 T has a BS 60 RS base carrier. The undercarriage is 4.2 meters wide and can be retrackted to 3 meters for the transport over the road. The superstructure is powered by a Caterpillar C18 with 755 hp.

The counterweight exists out of three slabs with each 1.8 tonnes and has a 3.86 meter tailswing.

For the transport over the road the rig can be folded down to a 11.9 meter length, a 3 meter breadth and a 3.25 meter height. The transport mass is 50.5 tonnes.

The leader has here a 10.6 meter length and is fully extended 17.4 meters long. The leader can be tilted 4 degrees forwards, 10 degrees bachwards and 4 degrees sideways. It is possible to rotatle the leader 100 degrees to the left and to the right against the base carrier.

This rig is fitted with the optional 5.5 tonne auxiliary winch.

In the leader is hanging a RTG MR 105 V hydraulic vibrator. The vibrator has a 3.2 meter length and weights 5 tonnes.

A sharp and compact rig!

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