Kenworth T2000

An imposing Kenworth T2000 from a spanisch self-driver, unfortunatelly his name is missing.

The Kenworth T2000 could be equipped with different engines with a 13 to 15 liter displacent and can produce between 375 and 600 hp. Engines from Caterpillar and Cummins were used.

The front axle is set back to produce a 45-degree wheel cut to improve the turning radius.

The cab was available in two different lengths, 60 and 75 inch (resp 1.52 meter and 1.9 meter). This truck has the longer cab.

All Kenworth T2000 trucks are delivered with an automatic transmission.

As trailer is a 3-axle flatbed coupled. The load contains steel plates which will be used for the construction of tower cranes.

A special participant in the European road traffic!

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