Kenworth T600

I could take some photos of this sharp Kenworth T600 along the Swiss highway, the truck wasn't carrying any company names, on the trailer was written Abatrag, a suplier of construction materials.

The imposing truck was developed in the mid-1970s (during the oil crisis) and was one of the first aerodynamic trucks made in the USA. Goal was to reduce the consumption of fuel. The production started in 1984. The nickname of the truck is: "the anteater".

Because of the sloping nose has the drive a better sight frontwards. The 72" AeroCab sleep cabin offers space for the beds, a fridge, some storage compartments and multimedia.

Towed is a 3 axle tipper trailer.

Powered is the truck by a Caterpillar C15 engine with 465 hp. Nice detail are the two large standing exhausts behind the cabin.

The 3 axle Menci tipper trailer is made in Italy.

The T600 was built between 1984 and 2007, first then it's succesor - the T660 - joined the market. A very beautiful and special appartition on the road!

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