MAN TGS 35.400 - S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor

This sharp MAN TGS 35.400 belongs to S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor from Singapore (SG). The vehicle stood during a weekend parked along the road. It is a 4-axle truck fitted with a heavy lorry crane. The truck's year of manufacture is 2010.

The truck is powered by a MAN D2066, a 10.5-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 294 kW (400 hp). This truck has an 8x4-drive lines where both rear axles are powered. The two front axles are steerable.

In 2022 took S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor a sharp Volvo FMX 500 with Effer 2255 lorry crane into operation.

Behind the cabin is a large Effer 1750/6S lorry crane mounted. Behind the second axle are the muffler, battery and compressed-air tanks mounted.

The Effer 1750/6S is able to hoist maximum 26.9 tonnes to a 4.5 meter radius and at maximum reach of 15.24 meters the crane is still able to hoist 7.61 tonnes. The outrigger base of the crane is 10.1 meters wide. Behind the second axle is on this side the dieseltank mounted.

At the rear of the chassis are a set of rear outriggers mounted. A very sharp vehicle of S.H. Stainless Steel Contractor!

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