Mercedes-Benz SK 3050 - Daher

This sharp Mercedes-Benz SK 3050 of Daher from Leese (DE) was used as auxilairy vehicle on a large transport in Oberottmarshausen (DE).

The vehicle has a 6x4-drive line that is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 442 LA, a 14.6-liter V8-diesel engine with a power of 370 kW (503 hp).

Behind the cabin are a heavy winch, an hydraulic oil tank, compressed-air tanks and a large cooler for the WSK 400 torque converter installed. Behind the front axle the the diesel tank installed. The Atlas 155.1 lorry crane can lift maximum 6.7 tonnes on a 2 meter radius or 1 tonne on a 12.2 meter radius.

The white vehicle comes from the HCS (Heavy Cargo + Service) era that later became Daher and today is owned by Kübler. This vehicle was sold end 2020 through a Dutch trader. This type Mercedes-Benz SK was produced from 1994 to 1998.

In the ballast box are also many tools stored. The winch is guided below the ballast box and is used to drag rail-way wagons or to rotate transformers.

In case it is necesary is it also possible to attach the truck to the transport to pull or push.

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