Terberg F2850 - Commandeur & Plomp

In 2010 Commandeur & Plomp from De Rijp (NL) took this sharp Terberg F2850 in operation. It is a used truck that was in the past also used by other crane rental companies as a ballast transporter. Today this truck is not in operation anymore.

It is a 5 axle flatbed truck with 10x4 drive line and 3 steerable front axles. The truck is powered by a 320 hp strong diesel engine.

This truck was completely restored by Commandeur & Plomp. The Terberg's year of manufacture is 1988.

The bed was extended by 70 centimeters to optimally use the truck for the transport of steel plates and wooden mats between the front plate and the lorry crane.

For loading and unloading of the steel plates and wooden mats is this 20 mt Kennis lorry crane used.

A sharp truck.

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