Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2 - American Equipment Services

American Equipment Services from Singapore (SG) is deploying this sharp Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2 mainly for lifting tasks on their own yard. It is a 275-tonne crawler crane with year of manufacture 2008. Here is the lifting of a 66 ft (approx. 20 meter) long yacht prepared.

The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6M70, a 12.9-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 272 kW (370 hp). Between the tracks is in total 18 tonnes of central counterweight installed, 9 tonnes per side.

The counterweight on the superstructure of the crane weights 102.8 tonnes and has a 6 meter tailswing.

A single track is 9.045 meters long, 1.12 meters wide and 1.49 meters tall. For the transport over the road is it required to dismantle the tracks, their mass each is 22.2 tonnes. On the tracks are connection points made to fix the crane if the crane is working on a barge.

The crane has two 25-tonne hoist winches with a 28 mm hoist cable.

Here is the crane fitted with a 42.65 meter main boom, in this configuration is the crane able to lift maximum 108 tonnes on an 8.4 meter radius and 19.7 tonnes to a 38.7 meter radius. Here is the 145-tonne hook eight times reefed over the main boom, over the short jib is the capacity limited to 13.5 tonnes.

The lifting of a 66 ft long yacht is here prepared. The yacht was removed from the water for some maintenance and will be lifted back into the water now.

Here is approx. 45 tonnes hanging in the crane, the yacht weights around 40 tonnes and the hook with rigging weights approx. 5 tonnes.

Maintenance and repair works on yachts is also offered through American Equipment Services, the yacht looks like new again! With use of the floating jetty is it very easy to guide the yachts when they are lifted out or back into the water.

The yacht is launched on an 18 meter radius, the crane is able to lift there 57.4 tonnes.

The crane can move on a very stable and clean track of steel plates and is very well maintained, the crane still looks like new!

The yacht was succesfully launched, the lifting equipment can be stored again and the weekend can be celebrated! A nice crane job done by American Equipment Services!

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