Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2 - Sarens

This Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2 of Sarens was used in the harbour of Oude Zeug (NL) to unload wind mill parts. It is a 275 tonne crane.

Those are sections of the lower tower rings of an Enercon E-126 wind mill, the biggest wind mill in the Netherlands. The sections weight between 35 and 55 tonnes each.

The boom has a 36.55 meter length, max. even 91.45 meters! In this configuration are 135 tonnes hoisted on a 7.5 meter radius and 25 tonnes on a 33.4 meter radius.

In total is 102.8 tonnes of counterweight used, the lower weights are 18 tonnes.

The crane is 7.52 meters wide and the tail swing is 6 meters.

A track is 9 meters long, 1.12 meters wide and 1.35 meters height. Mass each is 22.2 tonnes.

During transport over the road the cab is swinged for the carbody. The bouy was required because of the work along the water side.

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