Terex CC 2800-1 - Aertssen

The biggest crane of Aertssen from Stabroek (BE) was this sharp Terex CC 2800-1, now thay have a Terex Superlift 3800.

The tracks of this crane are 11.7 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 1.7 metres height. The mass each is 45 tonnes.

Fitted with 180 tonnes of upper weights; the base plate weights 20 tonnes, and 16 slobs of 10 tonnes are added. When the crane is used without cental carbody weights, only 160 tonnes of upper weights are aloud.

The crane was working on a construction site of a new tunnel in Belgium and will be used to hoist parts for the TBM, this day only a small excavator was hoisted.

In total are 60 tonnes of central carbody weights used.

Aertssen had also a second CC 2800-1 at that moment, this crane was still in the Terex factory colors and was rented.

This crane is 9.9 metres wide.

The tray with 100 tonnes of superlift counterweight was also on the job site. The max. superlift counterweight is 300 tonnes, up to a 17 metre radius.

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