Terex CC 2500-1 - Hoondert

Since the begin of 2010 Hoondert owns on their harbour yard in Flushing (NL) this sharp Terex CC 2500-1.

The crane is fitted with a 60 metre main boom and 30 metres of superlift.

The upper weights are 160 tonnes, existing out of a 20 tonne base plate and 14 slobs of 10 tonnes.

On the superlift tray are 3 big boxes set. They could be filled with everything what is heavy, up to 250 tonnes.

The crane is mainly used to hoist heavy pieces that will be demolised at the same site, like boats. The crane is also often working on the neightbours yard (Heerema Vlissingen).

The tracks are 11 metres long, 1.2 metres wide and 1.65 metres height. Mass each is about 30 tonnes.

The undercarriage is 9 metres wide. Between the tracks is another 40 tonnes of lower weights mounted.

Meanwhile Hoondert owns also a new Terex CC 2800-1.

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