Terex CC 8800-1 - Sarens

For the assembly of an 'oversized' wind mill was this impressive Terex CC 8800-1 of Sarens used.

The tracks are during the transport over the road splitted to reduce the weight. These parts parts have a 46 and 44 tonne weight.

The centre section (50.3 tonnes) and two cross-beams (each 26 tonnes) were already assembled.

The cab and the motor house are transported in one piece. Here is the motor house used for the hydraulic drive of the undercarriage. As engine is an OM 502 LA used with 516 hp.

The first part of the superstructure is attached to the slewing ring and weights 43 tonnes.

The second part of the superstructure with a A-frame weights 41 tonnes.

As assist crane is a Sennebogen 5500 of Sarens used.

A detail of the slewing ring with Quick Connection (QC). The pins are hydraulically moved.

One week later the assembly was almost finished. The constructor of the crane is doing some modifications on the crane because it will be put up in a new configuration.

The main boom of 138 meters was already assembled, the fixed 18 meter jib will be mounted later. This was the first time a CC 8800-1 is assembled in this configuration. Before that was only possible for the CC 9800.

Fitted with 60 tonnes of lower weights and 295 tonnes of upper weights.

The undercarriage is 12.5 meters wide. The track plates are 2 meters wide.

Some days later the crane was fully equipped and is doing here it's first lift. The nacelle of the wind mill, weights 140 tonnes, was just hoisted by the 8800.

The axle height of the wind mill is 135 meters.

One day later the heaviest lift of the project was done, the 220 tonne generator. The tilting isn't done by an assist crane but with use of a tilting frame.

The wind mill has a capacity of 7.5 MW and is the biggest one in The Netherlands.

The crane is fitted with a 138 meter main boom and a 18 meter fixed jib. The superlift boom is 50 meters long and the max. superlift counterweight is 640 tonnes and makes a 30 meter radius.

The tailswing is 12.3 meters and the tailswing of the A-frame is 16 metres.

On the superlift tray is laying 122 tonnes of superlift counterweight.

The superlift radius is adjustable from 24 to 30 meters.

The capacity of the crane is 1,600 tonnes.

Three oversized hoist winches with a 35 tonne line pull, the cable diameter is 40 mm.

The max. configuration of this crane with luffing jib is 108 meters of main boom with 108 meters of luffing jib.

The hub of the windmill should be the next heavy lift, unfortunatelly there was still too much wind.

The hookblock is reefed with 8 ropes.

Later that day.

The hub weights 160 tonnes.

A very special crane to see it in action!

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